Code of ethics


 The authors confirm the veracity of the data.


 The authors must always provide an indication of the sources of the article.


 Regarding authorship, the authors guarantee the inclusion of those people who have made a significant scientific and intellectual contribution both in the conceptualization and planning of the work, and in the interpretation of the results, and in the writing of the article. In addition, the authors confirm that the authors have been ranked according to their level of responsibility and involvement.


  Plagiarism detection

 The journal Sintagma rejects plagiarism and fraudulent practices, and all contributions are subjected to an originality analysis before the article is sent for review.


 Sintagma establishes that if plagiarism or any situation that transgresses the ethical norms of scientific publication is detected, the article will be rejected and the authors will be informed. In addition, authors who have plagiarized will not be allowed to submit any other article to Sintagma (neither single-authored nor co-authored) for the next five years, starting from the year when the plagiarism is detected.